Pastor Audey Shepard & Wife Cornelia

Heilbronn Germany

Here Pastor Shepard lived and ministered for over 31 years

Pastor’s Favorites

A True Minister’s Calling

And here I cannot but call the attention of all aspirants to the sacred office to the fact, that when God intended to make Paul a public teacher of Christianity, He “revealed Christ in him.” They have no reason to expect such an internal revelation as he received; but unless, in a very important sense, God “reveals his Son” in them, they cannot be fitted for the office to which they are looking forward. The words of Perkins are weighty: “ministers of the gospel must learn Christ as Paul learned him. They may not content themselves with that learning which they find in schools; but they must proceed further to a real learning of Christ. They that must convert others, it is meet that they should be effectually converted. John must eat the book, and then prophesy; and they who would be fit ministers of the gospel, must first themselves eat of the book of God. And this book is indeed eaten, when they are not only in their minds enlightened, but in their hearts are mortified, and brought in subjection to the word of Christ. Unless Christ be thus learned spiritually and really, divines shall speak of the word of God as men speak of riddles, and as priests in former times said their matins, when they hardly knew what they said.”

– John Brown

If I have observed anything by experience, it is this: a man may take the measure of his growth and decay in grace according to his thoughts and meditations upon the person of Christ and the glory of Christ’s Kingdom and His love.

– John Owen